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Why Sleep Matters

Lets talk about sleep.  The realization of the importance of good sleep has really come to play in our home lately.   For myself I have known for years that good quality and enough sleep are key to how I feel the next day.   The last couple of weeks I have really begun to realize how important good quality sleep is.   My husband had a sleep study done this week for his chronic snoring and lack of "good" sleep.  My 10 year old has chronically been tardy lately due to being so tired in the morning.
An earlier bedtime has been implemented.  This has brought to light the how the importance of sleep should be a priority in all families.
    There are two distinct types of sleep slow-wave sleep (SWS) or otherwise known as non-REM sleep and rapid eye movement also know as REM sleep.   We spend most of our time in slow-wave sleep, During SWS the brain waves are slow, muscles are relaxed and our breath slows down.  This helps the body to recover after a long day.  After SWS we …